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The Road to Greatness is Easier

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The Road to Greatness is Easier, 2016
Moreen Austria
Oil on Canvas
36 x 36 Inches
Inspired by a work of Master of Saint Giles, Moreen choses to render a Mother and Child painting as the image is a central icon for Catholic faith which she grew up in. The half length image of the Madonna and Child also became common in Italian Renaissance. Perhaps the theme is dominant too because in this period's social attitudes, women existed to be mothers. A woman's self worth must have been tied to her fertility. Now women's rights, societal roles have changed throughout the course of history and woman have increasingly contributed to the society. Facilities and commodities such as the simple disposable diaper make it easier for women to juggle career and motherhood. The road to greatness that has been kinder to men has become accessible to women too.

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