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Simona obtained a Diploma in painting at the Art Institute and later graduated in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. After a long training course at art workshops and graphic studies and internships abroad in ceramics techniques, in 1993, she founded the "Toyland", an arts and crafts workshop where you can grow old passion with creativity to work the "Earth" with their hands.

Sculpture and emotions are the protagonists of arts by Simona Ragazzi. Faces and figures, perfectly shaped on sheets of clay come to life, telling and interacting with the viewer, revealing the inner side and emotional feelings of man, where fear, serenity, anger, ecstasy are no longer private emotions of modesty, but are the main characters of both inner and outer beauty which are the works of art. Through the hands of a cultured artist like Simona, the human being fascinates us, giving emotions and moments of life.

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