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Michikawa’s works are widely-acclaimed all over the world, with exhibitions in Japan, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mongolia, Philippines, USA and UK to name a few. He has mounted over 80 exhibitions to date.
In China, notably, he was honored to be the first Japanese artist to exhibit on a solo basis at
the Forbidden City in Beijing.
His works are also on display in some of the most important ceramic museums in the world,
such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and he would have a debut exhibition at Oxford
University Museum in 2016.
Public Collections
2006 Beijing China-Japan Exchange Center
Xi'an Qinglingsi Temple
2007 Philadelphia Philadelphia Museum of Art
2009 Wales National Museum of Wales
Wales Aberystwyth University of Wales
2010 USA Losangels County Museum of Art
2012 Germany Modern Glass & Ceramic Museum of Coburg
2013 Japan Shimada City Museum
2014 Germany The Museum in Hamburg
2015 Wales National Museum of Wales

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