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Aswang, 2016
Dexter Sy
Ink, Enamel, Charcoal, Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36 Inches
Dexter Sy uses the volcano as well in his narration of the story of Asuang, brother of Gugurang, the protector and guardian of Mount Mayon's sacred fire. Gugurang causes Mount Mayon to erupt whenever he is displeased with the natives, while Asuang rejoices in the frailties of the humans because he may only steal the sacred fire of the volcano whenever his brother's ill temper sends forth the lava to cascade from its almost perfect cone. Asuang over centuries evolved into a more sinister character closer to the plains and more prevalent amongst different regions in the Philippines as he became Aswang – a flesh-eating, shapeshifting monster that preys on the innocent, though this change was possibly a product of Spanish colonizers' propaganda after the introduction of Catholicism in the country.

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