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Michal Fargo (b. 1984) graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2011, before completing her Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London in 2016. She has participated in many exhibitions held across the world, in countries ranging from France to Korea, and her works have been included in several museum collections such as the Cheongju International Craft Biennale Collection. In her art, Fargo explores novel ways to shape her craft and for her efforts, she has received many awards, among which is the Sidney Myer and the Shepparton Art Museum award.
Fargo’s NATURELIKE Corals as exhibited represent her new approaches towards the surfaces and shapes. Rather than pre-designed decisions on her part, she uses a special technique where the final shape of the vases is dependent on the weight of the liquid material. By allowing the liquid material to trickle into the pores of a hallowed block of foam, the end result of Fargo’s work is entirely defined by the laws of physics.

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