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Davide’s research focuses on creation of installations influenced by performances of dance, theatre and rituals. His sculptures depict human beings, surreal and lost, but also awaiting the beginning of a new birth.

He first started the creations using the work of clay, and transformed that using polycarbonate from industrial wastes. In the hands of the artist, the purity of the raw material and the vibrancy of colour give life to works full of energy, force and motion. The fusion of polycarbonates allows Davide to produce suspected arts with transparency and lightness comparable to that of molten glass and ice.

Davide collaborates with Cirque du Soleil and with several other Italian theater productions in Milan. He was commissioned by the Organization of the 2014 Winter Paralympic Committee to be held in Sochi, Russia; to build part of the Opening Ceremony Setting.

Davide has mounted numberous exhibitions, including exhibiting at the Venice Biennale.


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