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Tuesday 12th January 2016 Nature into Art

Inaugural Solo Art Exhibition by Acclaimed Japanese Artist Shozo Michikawa January 21 – February 20, 2016
Friday Jan 22 – 6 to 9pm (Singapore Contemporary Art Show)
Exhibition Dates
  • Jan 21 – 24, 2016 at Singapore Contempoary Art Show 2016, Booth D02
    Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Private View:
    Thursday Jan 21 - 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Vernissage :
    Thursday Jan 21 - 5:30pm to 9pm
  • General Admission :
    Friday Jan 22 - 12pm to 9pm / Saturday Jan 23 - 11am to 7pm / Sunday Jan 24 - 11am to 6pm
  • Jan 26 - Feb 20, 2016 at Di Legno Gallery
    Tuesday to Sunday - 11am to 6 pm
Singapore - Di Legno Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the debut exhibition by
acclaimed Japanese ceramic artist Shozo Michikawa. The exhibition opens on Jan 22, 6 pm
at the Singapore Contemporary Art fair and wlll be on view until Jan 24 at the fair and
thereafter at Di Legno Gallery till Feb 20, 2016.
Titled “Nature into Art”, this exhibition by Shozo Michikawa would present 20 of his
sculptural works, all of which would offer its viewers a rare insight into the wabi sabi of
Japanese aesthetic, and display the nostalgic allure and forgotten charm of nature. As
Michikawa notes, “[T]he works created by nature…contain a power that can never be
imitated by human hands.” With this philosophy, he has created exquisite art, one piece
after the other.
From a seemingly nondescript sphere that reminds one of the Japanese marimo, to a widebrimmed
vessel with wind rippling across its surface, to a coiled silhouette eerily similar to
that of a hostile snake poised to strike, there is as much variety in Michikawa’s works as
there is diversity in nature. Each sculpture is fresh and novel, unconventional and different,
and yet there is something vaguely familiar about their twists and turns, their lines and
contours, that intrigues and soothes, fascinates and comforts.
Perhaps it is the way Michikawa’s art is quietly accepting of its many flaws and
imperfections, or the way there is delicacy and transience in his sculptures that have
withstood the kiln’s searing temperatures, or the way Nature’s many facades, hazy and
indistinct, sift between the faces of his pieces. Regardless of the reason, his works would
not fail to sway even the stoniest of hearts in this exhibition.
About the Artist
Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Shozo Michikawa majored in economics and took up a business
career, but eventually traded that away for pottery, his one true calling. Since then, he has
settled in Seto, Aichi – a town with 1300 years’ history of ceramic activity – to focus on his
Michikawa’s works are widely-acclaimed all over the world, with exhibitions in Japan and
foreign countries such as Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mongolia,
the Philippines, USA and UK to name a few. He has mounted over 80 exhibitions to date. In
China, notably, he was honored to be the first Japanese artist to exhibit on a solo basis at
the Forbidden City in Beijing.
His works are also on display in some of the most important ceramic museums in the world,
such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and he would have a debut exhibition at Oxford
University Museum in 2016.
by Charlotte Ong
Public Collections
2006 Beijing China-Japan Exchange Center
Xi'an Qinglingsi Temple
2007 Philadelphia Philadelphia Museum of Art
2009 Wales National Museum of Wales
Wales Aberystwyth University of Wales
2010 USA Losangels County Museum of Art
2012 Germany Modern Glass & Ceramic Museum of Coburg
2013 Japan Shimada city Museum
2014 Germany The Museum in Hamburg
2015 Wales National Museum of Wales
Translated text of Shozo Michikawa in relation to his solo exhibition at Galerie
Besson entilting “30 Years, 30 Pots”
Seto has a history of over 1300 years as a pottery town. Clays, kilns, prototypes, glazes,
brushes – anything and everything to do with ceramics can be obtained here.
Because the town is built on clay there is a distinct atmosphere here. The river that runs
through the town is white and the air is often dusty. Should you visit a restaurant in Seto and
start a conversation on pottery you better watch out because the old lady who works there is
bound to say things like “I’ve decorated nothing but the faces of ceramic dolls for forty
years” and you are no match for here with a smattering of knowledge. In other words, you
have to create something extraordinary to avoid obscurity amongst the five thousand plus
residents who are, one way or another, all engaged in the making of ceramics.
I have been creating in such an environment for about thirty years. One could say that my
work was nurtured by this town.
Incidentally, I make it a rule to have a conversation with clay when I am creating. You
cannot control this natural object clay as it stretches, shrinks, snaps and bends.
The same goes for firing. The way the temperature rises inside the kiln differs from summer
to winter. The results vary considerably according to the weather conditions such as rainy
days or windy days.
In other words, my partner is nature itself and I need to get along well with it. Otherwise, the
result will be unsatisfactory. All I do in the process is to give a little helping hand to the ever
transforming clay to assist the way it wants to go.
Such is the daily routine that results in my work.
~ Shozo Michikawa (2007)
Translated by Nobuo Okawa
About Di Legno Gallery
Set up in Q1’2014, Di Legno Gallery is dedicated to presenting modern and contemporary
art across a wide spectrum of art genres including painting, printmaking and sculpture.
We maintain a diverse exhibition programme, featuring works by both emerging and leading
artists from different parts of the world, but primarily focusing on Asian artists. We also look
to support artists by giving them a platform to showcase new experimental works
General Information
188-6 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 436990
T : 65 6346 2012
M: 65 9088 1988
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