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Tuesday 27th June 2017 Di Legno Gallery at Art Stage Jakarta 2017

Di Legno Gallery at Art Stage Jakarta 2017
Venue : Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel., Hall A, Booth A6
Date : 11 Aug to 13 Aug, 2017
Di Legno Gallery is pleased to participate in Art Stage Jakarta 2017 and  presenting Beyond the Boundary. Depicting the blurring of time and space, dream and reality, tradition and modernity, this exhibition offers rich and unique narratives which would surely immerse our audience into the realm of thought and introspection.
Beyond the Boundary would feature the works of five artists from all over the world: Andres Barrioquinto, Dexter Sy, Harun Ak, Hidemi Tokutake and Zao Wou-Ki. Through their art, Di Legno Gallery hopes to push our audience past the boundaries, engage in dialogue, and explore sides of themselves that they have never known.
About the Artists
Andres Barrioquinto
Andres Barrioquinto (b. 1975) graduated with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting) from the University of the Philippines in 1995, before moving on to specialize in Fine Arts (Painting) in the University of Santo Tomas from 1995 to 2000. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions held in major cities across the globe, in countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, UK and Taiwan. For his work, Barrioquinto has received multiple awards, most notably the ACES Award by the Metrobank Foundation.
Rather than drawing upon the realistic, Barrioquinto focuses upon his individuality in his Big Head series. By probing his own soul and expressing his inner world on canvas, he paints images so exaggerated or distorted that they transport the audience from the world of the familiar to one of emotion and feeling.
Dexter Sy
Dexter Sy (b. 1979) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising from Far Eastern University (Philippines) and is a special lecturer in Far Eastern University, Fine Arts. He has held many solo and group exhibitions in Philippines and other countries like USA, Italy, Thailand and Korea since 2005 and won awards for Philippine Art Awards (Philip Morris).
In his latest works, Sy shines the spotlight on the intricacies of Indonesian Chinese culture. At first glance, his art portrays the Indonesian Chinese, scrutinized by society, as they don an Indonesian identity against the backdrop of their Chinese heritage. Yet, as one looks deeper, one can find the innermost thoughts and feelings of Sy’s characters bubbling under the surface of the public image they project. By subtly weaving in these nuanced elements, Sy’s art is a vibrant, rich tapestry that conveys a compelling narrative of the Indonesian Chinese.
Harun Ak
Harun Ak (b. 1985) currently resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, specialising in acrylic and mixed media paintings. He studied fine arts painting at the Indonesian Institute of Art (Yogyakarta) in Indonesia, from 2007 to 2014. His art touches on societal topics like the loss of cultural identity, bureaucracy of the government, and the destruction of nature. Ak’s work has been displayed in multiple exhibitions in major cities in Indonesia, US, China, Korea and Singapore, and he has been the recipient of multiple awards and grants, among which is the Asian Contemporary Young Artist Awards.
In His-Story and This is my Allotment, Ak focuses on the past versus the present. By overlapping remnants of the past – be it written history or traditional livelihoods – with a veneer of modernity, the stark dichotomy between his subjects’ past identities and present selves is a reflection of society’s struggles. As we attempt to retain our pasts while evolving to keep up with the present, Ak’s works naturally lead us to question on the uncertainties of a future that lies ahead of us.
Hidemi Tokutake
Hidemi Tokutake (b. 1972) first studied at the Seto Ceramic School in Seto, Japan. Thereafter, from 2008 to 2011, Tokutake studied at the National Art School in Australia and where she completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and the Master of Fine Arts degree course, majoring in Ceramics and becoming a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC). Tokutake has participated in many group exhibitions and held numerous solo exhibitions in Japan, Australia, Europe, USA and Taiwan. She has won several awards, among them being the First Prize of the Gosford Art Prize, Australia.
Most of her work is created by using hand-building techniques, allowing her finger marks to form the surface of her art. She is moved by nature and translates her appreciation into her ceramic pieces which echo the patterns found in nature. Each work is unique, different in softness and sensitivity to reflect the intricacies of nature, and through this, Tokutake’s art often emotionally resonates with her audience.
Zao Wou-Ki
A master of postwar art and the highest-selling Chinese painter of his generation, Zao Wou-ki (1920-2013) applied Modernist art-making techniques to traditional Chinese literati painting. Zao moved to Paris in 1948, rejected his Chinese heritage, and immediately began painting in the style of Paul Klee, whose own style was influenced by Chinese landscape painting. By 1954, Zao had developed a unique style that was marked by contrasting colors and lyrical abstraction and that merged Chinese art, as viewed through the lens of European abstraction, with traditional Chinese landscapes. Zao remained wary of objectively Chinese-influenced art and avoided using ink for much of his career, preferring to work with oil paints in a calligraphic style. Like traditional Chinese landscape painting, Zao’s paintings function as fragments of a larger scene, possessing fluidity, transparency, and a graceful luminosity representative of the artist’s interior energies.

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