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Tuesday 15th September 2015 Becoming - Group Art Exhibition by Six Student-artists / Recent Art Graduates from Metro Manila

By Noell El Farol

Becoming features the fleeting, transitory of the select young artist-students today who can become relevant artist of the future. These select artists-students are in current transformation, are navigating between creativity and the contemporary world concentrating on themes and issues confronting today’s global and local landscape.

Each sharing similar experiences and perspectives, this young group of artists presents an energetic survey to explore the creative and political range of narratives; such as gender, identity, and social constructs.

Currently finishing her studies at the Philippine Women’s University School of Fine and Design, Abbey Batocabe uses to expose self-consciousness without pretension that allows us to get closer and recognize reality. .‘The Golden Broom’ is triggered by childhood memories, attempting to seek recognition between reality and fantasy. 

Attracted to places where layers of history commingle, Pope Bacay’s snapshots of daily life captures landscapes and sites that most people don’t see bringing subtle passages of color, creating sense of drama and patina of time. Recapturing the novelty value of site, from geographic and physical charms, the destructive elements in environment today and rustic beauty contributed both to symbolic desecration and natural splendor of local culture. Pope Bacay graduated last March from the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines.

Collaborating with personal effects that have their own charge or personal significance, Pin Calacal’s works resonate to sexuality, identity, and issues of human body. Imprinting textural qualities, Pin’s performative act of unwrapping the body and mark making of pieces of undergarments using colored ink alludes to cleansing of body protection, security, and attachments. While the presence of the body lingers and departs as it is faintly suggested. The garment is viewed as aura of glamour while the undergarment is personally viewed as extended layer of skin. Pin Calacal is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from University of the Philippines last March.

Using elements of geometry and perspective to produce illusions of infinite space and unknown spatial structures, Renz Lee’s perspectival playfulness and mystical sense of reality depicting altered states where space is both implied and denied.  Tight architectonic structures pull us into the space of the canvas pushing contradictory forces to capture the experience in claustrophobic spaces. The work also calls to mind the generous simplicity of shaped canvasses framing unfamiliar routes. Renz Lee is currently in his senior year in the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. He was the recipient of the 2015 ENSBA (Ecole Nationale Superiere de Beaux-Arts) scholarship in Paris.

Jemina Reyes graduated with B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of California-Santa Barbara and currently pursuing a Master degree in Fine Arts and Design at the Philippine Women’s University.  Inspired by flowers, Jemina’s bright and highly saturated background colors appear elsewhere in picture plane. The viewer’s gaze darts restlessly on suggestive bunch of flowers, passing various swirls of pigments whose tones suggest suspended petals with lush part and hazy impression affecting to the inevitably abstract outcome. The saturated colors serve to intensity the lyricism of the work while the white elements add to the shimmer of the surface. Works of Jemina demonstrate the strength and diversity of expression.

‘Munting Mga Daliri’ examines the relationship between openness to experience a private dimension related to object.  Joyce Tiffany Reyes interests in using human figures as her main subject profiles different aspects of life, individuals’ control over impulses and individuals’ ability to adapt to different situations.  Joyce Reyes recently graduated from The Philippine Women’s University School of Fine Arts and Design.                 

Working on traditional and new media, and coming from different art schools/universities, artist-students; Abbey Batocabe, Pope Bacay, Pin Calacal, Renz Lee,  Jose, Jemina Garcia Reyes, and Joyce Reyes represent the many other thirsty, and experimental young artists of the Philippines today.


Posted on September 15th 2015 on 04:29pm


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